Ushering in a New Era
In Cellular Medicine

Making personalized cell-therapy a reality for every patient with a degenerative microvascular disease. 

Treatments are produced from the patients’ own cells, mimicking the body’s’ natural processes.

In three steps, we are able to provide every patient with a tailored treatment.
Our personalized cell therapy is highly accessible, patient-friendly and physician-friendly.

Life-Changing Treatments
for Patients

BioGenCell is dedicated to changing the lives of patients suffering from degenerative microvascular diseases, stopping disease progression, reversing disability, reducing pain, and enhancing functionality.

Life-Changing Treatments for Patients
biogen cell

New, Accessible Tools for Physicians

Vascular diseases are the primary cause of mortality worldwide, representing 25% of fatalities. BioGenCell’s groundbreaking cell-therapy treatments aim to provide more accessible, reliable and cost-effective therapeutic options, with the hope of significantly impacting these tragic figures. 

Our Ground-Breaking Phase 2 BGC101 Clinical Trial

Join a Journey that Brings New Hope to No-Option Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia (CLTI) Patients with BioGenCell’s Phase 2 Clinical Trial for BGC101.

Are you a Healthcare Provider?

Are you a CLTI (CLI) Patient?

Our Ground-Breaking Phase 2 BGC 101 Clinical Trial

Our Technology: TRACT
Tissue Regenerative Activated Cell Therapy

Combining the power of the immune system and stem cell therapies, for treatments that are:


biogencell trial

Wide Range
of Diseases

biogencell trial


biogencell trial


biogencell trial


biogencell trial


biogencell trial

to Use

biogencell trial

Transforming Your Blood into a Personalized Medicine in 3 Steps

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Blood collection

biogencell trial



biogencell trial



A Potential Pipeline of Solutions:

From Treating Microvascular No-Option Patients to Improving the Lives of Patients Suffering from a Wide Range of Conditions

biogencell trial

No-Option CLI

biogencell trial

No-Option Microvascular

biogencell trial
biogencell trial

Other Unmet Needs

Cardiac Diseases, Ischemic Brain Diseases, Cancer, Immunological Disorders, Trauma and More

biogencell trial

BioGenCell’s Phase 2 Clinical Trial assesses the safety and efficacy of the BGC101 cell therapy in treating Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia.

Discover a Potential Treatment Option for Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia

Clinical Trials Gov Identifier: NCT02805023

We Are Actively Recruiting

Our Team:
Combining Experience and Passion

Our team of experts brings to the table decades of experience and an unbridled passion for biomedicine. We have set our sights on improving patients lives by making cell therapy simple and accessible, patients friendly – and physician friendly.


Learn More About Our Breakthrough Cell Therapy

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