Unique Therapy
for Unique People

Since its inception in 2008, BioGenCell has been committed to transforming the lives of patients with degenerative diseases through advanced cell therapy treatments, based on the Company’s groundbreaking TRACT technology that uses a patient’s own blood as personalized medicine.



A Future of Possibilities Starts with Clinical Research

Our mission is to make personalized cell therapy a reality for patients worldwide, providing accessible treatments to various unmet needs.  Our innovative TRACT technology allows for stem cell therapies that are patient-friendly and physician-friendly. 

Making Personalized Cell Therapy a Reality

Through advanced, standardized procedures, we are dedicated to bringing transformative cell therapy treatments to vascular physicians and surgeons, podiatrists, and various other healthcare providers and clinicians.

Dive deeper into the uniqueness of our TRACT solution


easily standardized



Tailored to
Patients’ Needs

tailored to patients needs

Dedicated and Passionate Team and Advisors

Meet the people behind BioGenCell: A Group of Dedicated BioMed, Healthcare, Vascular and Business Professionals, Including a Nobel Prize Laureate and World-Renowned Scientists.

Management Team

Expert Advisors

We Are Committed to Improving Lives

By advancing the field of personalized cell therapy using the patient’s own blood, we aim to enhance the safety and efficacy of treatments, and their accessibility and affordability. This enables us to tackle the world’s deadliest diseases and meet the needs of physicians and patients alike.

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