One of the most promising and innovative solutions for degenerative diseases

BioGenCell is a clinical stage biotechnology company developing highly standardized therapeutic cellular products from adult stem/progenitor cells.

The company’s proprietary innovative technology platform provides a comprehensive and cost-effective solution for cellular therapy, supporting scalable, automated manufacturing from both fresh and bio-banked tissues. It enables the rapid creation of easy-to-use  treatments for a wide range of degenerative diseases using highly standardized therapies derived from adult stem cells.

Degenerative diseases are by far the major cause of human morbidity and mortality, and include chronic incurable vascular diseases in which blood flow is partially or totally blocked causing tissue damage and malfunction. For example, cardiovascular diseases (CVD), including heart and peripheral arterial diseases (PAD), cause roughly 30% of total global deaths, whereas 10%–25% of people over 55 years old have PAD, often called “the silent killer” as 70%–80% of patients are asymptomatic.

One of the most promising and innovative solutions for degenerative diseases, with an immense market potential, involves stem-cell-based products that can regenerate damaged tissues. These solutions are part of the growing market for personalized medicine where each patient is provided with unique therapies based on his or her own medical profile.

BioGenCell is dedicated to creating a groundbreaking solution that uses adult stem cells and culture components derived from the patient’s own blood to regenerate damaged tissues and treat a wide range of degenerative diseases, including heart failure, stroke, blindness, cancer and immunological diseases.

The first product that the BioGenCell plans to introduce to the market will treat critical limb ischemia (CLI) a severe form of PAD typical of elderly and diabetic populations with a high incidence of amputation, disability and death. Initial tests have already proven the concept behind the company’s technology platform and its greater efficiency in terms of cost and time-of-production in comparison to the competition.