Dr. Mark J Niven

Dr. Niven is the Director of Endocrine and Diabetes Unit, incorporating The Bildirici Center for Diabetes Care and Researchat at Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital, Israel. In addition to making changes in lifestyle, the diabetes patient must enlist the assistance of a wide range of specialists for comprehensive treatment of the disease. A diabetes patient must spend precious time visiting specialists in widely dispersed clinics, searching for information, and evaluating various opinions and recommendations. The patient must see a long list of specialists such as the family physician, endocrinologist/diabetes specialist, ophthalmologist, diabetic podiatrist, and dietician, and in between, undergo laboratory and other tests. All of this demands a significant  expenditure of time and energy. The Gabriel Cabra Bildirici Diabetes Center was established by the Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital to solve this problem and to take into account the needs of the patient and his/her family, with the goal of grouping all the required tests, treatments, and medical experts in one central location. With this overall vision of providing convenient service and improving the patients’ quality of life, the DiabetesCenter provides all the necessary tests and physicians in a wide range of specialties under one roof, thus enabling comprehensive treatment of diabetes. The Bildirici Diabetes Center is the first and only such center in Israel. It operates according to an innovative approach that aims to streamline and shorten the medical process for diabetes patients, thus assisting them to cope with the disease and its side-effects, and to adjust to a new lifestyle. A medical specialist manages each patient’s medical file. This specialist operates in full cooperation with all the other specialists, consulting with them regularly regarding each step and decision regarding the patient. Managing the medical file under one roof saves the patient the aggravation of having to cope with multiple, disparate opinions. The Gabriel Cabra Bildirici Diabetes Center answers treatment needs by offering the services of a multidisciplinary staff in the fields of diabetes, nephrology, ophthalmology, vascular medicine, cardiology, urology, diet and nutrition, psychiatry, social services, and laboratory services. Patient stay in the clinic is several hours. For the patients’ comfort and enjoyment during their stay, the center provides comfortable sitting areas where they may read, write, eat, and drink in an atmosphere that is homey, warm, and considerate.