Dr. Shlomo Bulvik

Dr. Shlomo Bulvik, director of the Hematology Department at at Sanz Medical Center–Laniado Hospital, Israel. Dr. Bulvik is currently involved in two major studies in the field of leukemia. The research which received the approval of the Ethics (Helsinki) Committee, is at an advanced stage involving a great deal of patient participation.  The research at the Hematology Department is focusing on biological and chemical treatment for multiple myeloma and lymphoma. “The world of medicine is marching toward biological treatment,” adds Dr. Bulvik. “The major significance of this is the reduction of side effects, since these drugs are based on human proteins. Furthermore, biological drugs can treat cancer cells in a more targeted fashion.” Patients participating in the study undergo a comprehensive series of tests to ensure that they can undergo the clinical trial and derive the greatest possible benefit from it. “We are at the final, approval stage of a number of additional studies on leukemia and I have no doubt that the benefits to people suffering from cancer will significantly improve their quality of life,” concludes Dr. Bulvik.